Quick Urban Analysis Kit

About us

Chair of Information Architecture

The project is developed within our chair at ETH Zurich.

“We develop visual methods for the analysis, design and simulation of urban systems for a sustainable future”
Qua-kit v2.0.2.0

Qua-kit is a web platform for viewing and manipulating simple urban geometry.

Logged in via edX platform you can work on a single design problem, share your ideas together with design proposals, view and discuss works of others.

Local clients can use qua-kit as a presentation tool. Connected to a computational server backend it can use registered remote services for visual analysis of geometry.

The platform is an open source project; therefore, everyone is welcome to contribute.


One of this platform's goals is to gather data for ADvISE research project.

ADvISE stands for Data Analysis for understanding the Impact of urban design on Social pErformance of a city.

We aim to produce an open framework with basic functionality to efficiently search for compromise solutions for complex planning problems and an experimental software prototype with an intuitive user interface for representing planning problems and presenting optimal solutions at various stages of the design process.

Empower Shack by U-TT ETH Zurich

Our first case study for the online course on edX platform is provided by Urban-ThinkTank group at ETH Zurich.

Empower Shack is an interdisciplinary development project directed by U-TT, ETH Zurich and the local NGO Ikhayalami Development Services, in collaboration with the BT-Section community and associated local and international partners.

The ongoing pilot phase is focused on a cluster of 68 houses within the BT-Section of Khayelitsha. Through innovative design and organisational models, the project aims to develop a comprehensive and sustainable informal settlement upgrading strategy centred on four core components: a two-story housing prototype, participatory spatial planning, ecological landscape management, and integrated livelihoods programming.